Meet Terri

Office Manager - Terri Nelson

Terri says her love of visiting new peoples and cultures, at home and around the world, is “genetic.”  In the mid-1940’s, Terri’s mom Ruth, with two girlfriends, drove from Chicago to Los Angeles on US Route 66. Inspired by her mom, Terri backpacked in Europe, from the British Isles to Greece, for 4 months after college. Her desire to always pursue the “local” flavor is a perfect fit with Nobile Travel Tours vision.


In her professional career, Terri’s roles as Director of Operations for both Princess Cruises and Pleasant Holidays was instrumental in expanding their reach around the world.  Her specialty is group travel of the highest attention to customer satisfaction.  During one group trip, a traveler commented on the arrangements, ”You are the best because you do things you don’t have to do to make my trip memorable.”


Terri says it is easier to list places she has not been.  She relishes her role at Nobile Travel Tours, looking forward to helping more people realize their dreams of exciting destinations.


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