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Anyone can dream of a great vacation. However, it can be hard work to make it happen and to find a travel designer who has visited your destinations and truly specializes in your trip.  At Nobile Travel, we carefully select the world's best travel designers and boutique tour operators/DMC to get you the perfect itinerary that fits your dreams and budget.

Connect with the most knowledgeable travel designers in USA for your dream vacation.


Your travel designer Go beyond your imagination with unique itineraries designed just for you.

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Dive deeper into your destination with unique services, local guides, and exclusive experiences.

Department  (Groups & Luxury) 

James Thom
Marketing Director

Department  (Faith Based & Groups)

Department  (Luxury & Yachts) 

Anne Bott
Travel Designer
Tel: (734)-748-5361

Department  (Leisure & FIT)

Denis Preka
 Vice President 
Tel (248) 619-6543 

Department  (Europe & Students)

Markisha Williams
Travel Designer  
Tel (248) 275-8941

Department  (Family Vacation & Cruises) 

Alvis Wilson
Travel Designer  
Tel (313) 720-8991

Department  (Family Vacation & Groups) 

Dino Valle
   Travel Designer
     Tel (313) 702-9264  

Department  (Pilgrimage & Choir Tours)

Melissa Beydoun
Travel Designer
Tel: (248) 421-3007

       Leisure & FIT Department

Eric Gunderson
 Vice President
Tel: (313) 655-5266

Educational Department 

Jarod Hoekstra
Travel Designer
Tel: (231) 233-9430

       Student Department

Sophia Brakali
Travel Photographer 
 Tel: (586) 879-5513

Student Department