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Israel Land of Creation

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Unearth History in the Holy Land

Two cosmopolitan cities on one unforgettable break Visit the Jerusalem breathtaking beauties with a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary, cultural treasures and world heritage sites. Explore Tel Aviv - the city that never stops. Beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, outstanding nightlife and entertainment.

Khirbet Qeiyafa

The site constitutes the definitive proof for the existence of a city that was part of the Kingdom of David in the 10th century BCE. Excavated in recent

years, its discovery was revolutionary in the world of Biblical Archaeology. Here in this area, one of the world's most famous battles took place, the battle between David and Goliath.


Located on the western coastline of the Sea of Galilee, Magdala is a unique site in the Holy Land. Here one can find a 1st century synagogue, a complete 1st century city and remains of a once prosperous fish processing industry. Complete with shops, marketplace, residential areas, and wharf, this is a city where Jesus himself visited and taught.


The town of Korazim was an ancient village in northern Galilee. It was mentioned as one of three towns together with Bethsaida and Capernaum – which Jesus condemned because they did not heed his teachings (Matt. 11:20). The ruins at the site include a large, impressive synagogue, which was built with black basalt stones and decorated with Jewish motifs.

City of David

About three thousand years ago, King David left Hebron for Jerusalem, in his vision, a large central and important goal – the unification of Israel around one capital city. Today the City of David is a small magical hill located near the Western Wall. It covers an area of about 60 acres, from where you can enjoy a variety of tours and activities that take visitors to a fascinating historical journey to the days of the First Temple, a period of ancient Jerusalem


The Ancient Capital of the Galilee Located in the Lower Galilee region of northern Israel, the site was once described as ‘the ornament of all Galilee’. The entire park is a treasure to behold filled with enormous mosaics - ancient city, fort, aqueducts, vistas and curiosities. Zippori’s famed mosaics include the haunting "Mona Lisa of the Galilee".

Beit Shearim

Beit Shearim At a certain period in Jewish history, Jewish attention focused on a certain town – Bet She'arim. Beit She’arim National Park encompasses some of the most dramatic and interesting evidence of the Jewish past in the Galilee and of the Jewish world of Roman times. The story of the town encapsulates the story of Jewish settlement of the time, the story of its people, their actions, and their great faith.

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