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Nobile Travel & Holy Yoga

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Nobile Travel and Holy Yoga offers the best yoga retreats and adventures through carefully crafted itineraries and amazing yoga teachers.  Holy Yoga travel the world and strike a balance between culture-packed, healthy, invigorating, energetic one-of-a-kind natural retreats and adventures. We partner with the yoga community’s brightest stars and elevated wellness retreats to sink you into the local scene and take you off the beaten track.

Experience the difference that our local guides, travel-giddy teachers, delicious eats and unique itineraries make.  Enjoy and take advantage of our been-there-done-that office crew who will make it easy for you to find your yoga journey mind-body-passport connection.


France Culture & Yoga Retreat Adventure

Get your French on and say “oui!” to France adventure travel on our gorgeous yoga retreat in the stunning countryside! You’ll spend your days wandering through ancient villages and soaking up French culture and evenings sampling local cuisine and vino on the patio.

The Dordogne region of southwest France is the best of “slow” French living – market towns, biking through charming villages, leisurely wine tastings and bottling your own unique vino blend are all part of your leisurely days. A beginner yoga retreat in the balance of active and relaxation days (the yoga is always all levels), the French countryside is the perfect way to bring together your wellness, adventure, foodie and cultural passions.

Yoga holidays allow your active days to be bookended with peaceful, restorative time on your mat at our unique chateau home-away-from-home. Enjoy gorgeous farm-to-table meals and explore nature and hundreds of years of history each day.  The Dordogne region of France is known for its wine and culture, stunning medieval castles and prehistoric cave art in Lascaux and Font-de-Gaum.

Let your inner-self geek out on delicious cuisine, crazy history and amazing wellness with beautiful days and friend filled nights on this France yoga retreat adventure.

6 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat at the Dead Sea, Israel

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