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Whether it's your first or fiftieth time on an educational class trip, there's always something new to see. Enjoy some of our most popular destinations, all of them filled with educational and fun adventures for you and your students.
  • Classical

  • Cultural & Educational

  • Religious Studies

  • Music and Performing Arts

  • Science

  • Sports

  • Art & Drama groups

  • Geography

  • History & Battlefields

  • Hospitality & Catering

  • Christmas Markets

  • Media & Film Studies

  • Law

  • Food Technology

  • Maths

  • Tournaments

  • Training Camps

  • Gastronomy & Wine

  • Citizenship & Learning

  • Litterature

  • Politics

  • English & Drama

  • Psychology & Sociology

  • Business & Economics

  • Healthcare


More subjects are available on request

College Visit Tours

Make the first step of searching for colleges an experiential orientation. At NOBILE College Visit Tours, we partner with high school college counselors to give students an immersive orientation to the college search that allows them and their families to navigate the selection and application process with confidence. Students do more than just visit college campuses— they participate in workshops, discover criteria that guides their college list, engage in daily debriefs, and practice writing for their essays. Students return home more knowledgeable and in control of their college search.

Custom Designed Tours

We customize any  tour to fit your curriculum, or let’s build one from scratch for a truly unique experience.

Make any tour your own. Your tour consultant will work with you to create the perfect tour by modifying existing itineraries, integrating your curriculum or even designing a tour from scratch.

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